It's time to re-align with your soul

Welcome to Soul Aligned Wellness

Soul Aligned Wellness is a holistic healing and wellness center in Downtown Toms River. 

Our mission is to provide a safe space for healing and connection by providing a wide range of holistic healing modalities workshops and Divine Feminine Retreats.

In this space we will provide...

Energy Healing

Biofield Tuning
Chakra Balancing
Energy Psychology/ Energy Medicine

Sound Therapy

Crystal singing bowls
Tuning forks
And other sound instruments


Rapid Transformation Therapy™ (RTT)
HeartHealing™ Hypnotherapy
Ericksonian Hypnosis

Download this Chakra Workbook and consider it your own personal Chakra 101 lesson!

Meet Cheryl

Cheryl Kasper is the founder of Soul Aligned Wellness. She is a holistic clinical therapist for over 20 years specializing in trauma and anxiety. She is also an Intuitive Energy Healer, International Speaker, Author,  and a Retreat Leader, and hosts retreats worldwide. 

Cheryl believes healing occurs on 3 layers – the Conscious layer (memories &  experiences that can be recalled), the Subconscious (beliefs, events and experiences not able to be consciously recalled that drive all of our thoughts and behaviors), Energetic layer (energy trapped in the body, biofield, cells, DNA, ancesteral trauma, & generational wounds). Each layer works together and is integral for clearing trapped emotions, beliefs and wounds from the mind, body and soul. 

Cheryl holds many certifications including:

  • Biofield Activation & Clearing
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy
  • HeartHealing Practitioner
  • Certified in Energy Psychology/ Energy Medicine 
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Certified Sound Healer
  • Certified Crystal Healer
  • Breathwork Facilitator

"Life opens up in so many different ways when your energy has been awakened."

~Panache Desai

Soul Aligned Wellness Center is Located at
520 Main Street in Toms River, NJ